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Can't refine Gaia to Hecate...

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  • Can't refine Gaia to Hecate...

    Because it's impossible without Divinity Stones--which are nowhere to be found. Anywhere. You can't buy, steal, or synth them up.

    What's the official word? Are they coming back, or have I just wasted squillions of mahra and sepulcrum building from a Hades to an Orange Gaia?

    Come on, devs. You can't say 'you need this, this and this' to create something if one of the components doesn't exist.

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    events, sacrifices. made 1000 in past 2 month from those. so they are out there. and well easier to make hecate now than gaia :P
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      yes sacrifice can give divinity stones.

      and save up your event boxes, to trade them for divinity stones etc.. when there is an exchange for it.

      before it was 15 boxes for 100 divinity stones.
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        Haven't seen a single one since the patch. I always save my event chests so who knows. Maybe some will turn up there. But I'm not holding my breath. In reality, someone goofed by removing the stones from purgatory maze.


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          Divinity stones have not vanished.. they are just a more difficult commodity to acquire at the moment.

          So far short of the flash sale, temple sacrifice and the rare event exchange often for event boxes I have not seen any other ways to collect them as of yet. Keep your eyes open though in case other ways creep up as we never know in advance what will happen. I hope you get the items you need soon.

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            they were in recent exchange events, usually the last 3 days of a 7 day exchange event. i don't even want them yet coz my athena & gaia are still not yet maxed & i only have some 3k adv. seps. unless they give out adv. mahra & seps for cheap, 2nd evo is just useless.


            • #7
              A quick bit of advice. You can run a series of basic dims looking for boxes for sacrifice and then ditch them. You can go through about 10 a day if you are good sometimes more
              Each dim usually yields 1-3 chests. I get sacrifice about 1 out of 5 chests. Do the math. It is troublesome and time consuming but that is all we have for now.


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                If you're willing to buy them, Flash Sale have them often. I saw them there just 2 days ago.


                • #9
                  I can confirm they're in greater sacrifices, if nothing else. I picked up 40 stones yesterday.

                  I need 400 more stones, so 10 more chests like that will do me nicely.

                  But the stones only turned up once in 2 greater sacrifices. That's 1 out of 10. And not very sacrifice is a 'greater' one, and not every dimension drops a sacrifice.

                  Some good changes came with Patch5. The decision to make sylph evolution nearly impossible wasn't one of them.


                  • #10
                    I believe that there are 2 types of rewards for sacrifices. This is from pure observation.

                    First, there are the "common" rewards. These rewards are typically required in the thousands, like Fate Stones, Soul Crystals/Seals, Mount Whips, Mahra, etc.
                    Then, there are the "rare" rewards. These rewards tend to be those that R2 values more or require less in number. These include Specs, Div Stones, etc.

                    Your choices will be a mix of common and rare items, with the common items bring twice as numerous as rare items (i.e., 10 specs or 20 mtw or 10 div stones or 20 soul seals, etc.)

                    The grade of the offering gives a MULTIPLIER to the basic unit. For example, Ancient is 5x, Greater is 4x. So, you will get 50/100 for Ancient and 40/80 for Greater.

                    I do not believe that the quality of the offering affects the TYPE of rewards you get, merely the number.