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Items that cant be obtained without $$$

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  • Items that cant be obtained without $$$

    why make an item that can't be bought using bb or obtained through game? like for example blue flames..

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    why mention only silly flames when there are sevral item like this (gift,blessing of god to name some)

    or items that arent even added yet in game .. not even for cash (sylph expedition essence)

    and to answer the why only for cash .. its cause the cashed players cant win witout the edge (next to the edge they get in game (cd's extra dimentions, ect ect) it gives them .. and desperatly cash for these items

    all milk come from cash cows .. u know .. dont tell them other mammels give it too then they abuse that
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      Blue flames you can get the few times whne event chests drop eud flame has happened a few times

      gift and blessings of god can be bought for bb in mystery shop


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        there was 1 event when they introduced flames that event chest had blue flames in them .. after non .. just greens

        true u can get those 2 for bb at wild shop , just with the *abundend bb* at insane priceing (might get 1 of them them form classwars for free points) u might also see it as non free .. yet they just where drops before in dw what i call free
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