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suicide bomber or poison bro?

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  • suicide bomber or poison bro?

    only have enough blood to max 1 of them. so which first? scourge mage or wind ranger? i'm a knight.

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    My first impression of scourge mage was that it would be a decent dps alternative to the oracle. After actually getting one and trying it out, I'm finding it utterly useless, with pretty much one good skill (solar arrow). If you took away the heavy penalties for half the skills, then it would shift back towards acceptable, but not great.

    Wind ranger, on the other hand, is pretty useful. Cursed arrow is a really nice support skill, although I would prefer the damage buff on a delphic, so I could time it to before my own delphics. The bleeds add up to a lot, especially in eudaemon arena.

    Oracle is still my primary, because it balances a knight pretty well, but wind ranger may quickly become my second strongest, replacing the hunter I was working on building up. I don't see my scourge mage making it above level 2 any time soon, while the other 4 are level 9 (10 for the oracle).


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      Scourge with no healing is suicide.


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        in my own experience, female mage helps speed up easier tasks but doesn't last long. i took her into normal & nm mpds including ef, di & lvl65-70 hell mode mpds & she made runs go much faster (comparing to oracle). also great for duels & arena against weak opponents that i can kill within 4 turns. for bounty targets, i stayed at lvl47, so far still can't tell any difference other than her lack of aoe skills; all fights need only 1 aoe from any of the other 4, but she needs 2 hits against mobs if she's soloing. i'm surprised she's a mage but has no aoe skill at all. so far not great for eudy arena coz she dies too fast & my oracle wastes too many turns healing her. the one thing i dislike is that she simply dies & offers no help at all when i'm in real need of help. to me, she's more of an enhancement than necessity.

        male archer bleeds high (200k+) & he hits the back row for me (that's a skill i don't have *blushes*) plus all the mafitk/mdef debuff that i can't do. but his advantage isn't obvious if fight is short (less than 5 turns) or the opponent got stunned or slowed (because bleeding occurs only if they have an action), & kind of not-so-useful against knights (couldn't bleed them at all). he also dies fast (comparing to the first 3). he could have been very useful on eudy arena if he doesn't die so fast. i haven't found him more helpful than the regular archer or female mage. maybe he's just not the best fit for my build, maybe i didn't use him in the best places, or maybe he's just too new to me. i'm an archer spec knight (patkdef:mdef:hp is 2:1:1:8, crit/block is around 30k each), & typically rely on short battles.

        because event ends before midnight & i still couldn't decide, i made scourge lvl7 (was lvl5 before) & ranger lvl5. hopefully that isn't a wrong decision. still can't decide now T_T


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          Oracle is still the best for the heals. It is most versatile and therefore can be used in almost all circumstances. Concentrating on him will never go wrong, even for mages.

          Knight is surprisingly good as her Delphic can stun, and kids generally has more influence than normal non-whale PCs at this stage of the game (1100 base influence is nothing to be sneezed at, more if you devote diamonds to it).

          Archers do massive damage. Mine can keep up with me in damage in the twin boss in EF Normal, and she is not my main kid, so isn't as tricked out.

          Scourge is an unknown quantity for me. She seems to be a good compliment to me (as I am a mage) as Suntoria can generally keep her topped up even if she goes -HP heavy. She also does good base damage vs bounty targets. But other than that, I haven't used her much due to her being my 9th or 10th kid and therefore is lagging way behind the rest.

          I don't have a Ranger, but on paper, it seems to be horribly broken if you can get all that bleed to stack up.


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            Scourge mage is good for bounty targets mainly, as it helps in PATK immune battles oracles to do higher hits. After tweaking with skills (removing all the suicidal), it can be used as MATK archer in MPD or against players with low MDEF in duels. But still it is weakest eudemon that needs to be corrected. Even R2Games has skill sold at 30 instead of 50 like others.

            Wind Ranger is good at eudemon arena versus ever-healing oracles to support mainly knights, and it helps a lot to kill scourges that some players use to kill hunters and knights. But beware hunters and knights, they can kill him very fast. As main eudemon I tested it against water boss in duels against mages (helps survive longer until sylph mode), Sky Trail MATK bosses (but it seems they ignore him), and fused sylphs ignore him too (MDMG).

            Recent events ignore wind ranger too, but I recommend it if you need good arena team.

            Note: for MPD you need eudemons that help with skills - damage lift and heal by Oracle, shield and stun by knight, bleed and crit lift by archer, so is better wind ranger as it supports the team. For fast DPS is better scourge mage or hunter, for slow DPS knight or oracle depending if you need heals. For Dragon Invasion best team has 2 oracles and 2 hunters with damage/crit lifting combo.

            Answer to anonymous person who placed his comment in reputation system, but shy to dispute openly:
            - I have both hunter and ranger
            - Hunter due to its Criticality which she shared with main character, really outperforms the wind ranger
            -- even if you have it set only Toxic Shot/Rampage/Arrow Storm and Cursed Arrow (so ranger deals PDMG [4 buffs max] each round and adds damage buff)
            -- check what Hunter offers (hint: Delphic Void Arrow, Multi-Shot, Bloodthirsty Strike and Incendiary Shot)
            -- in total it crits 30% more than wind ranger with same crystal setup and it helps to main character by 20-30% more criticality (100% is more than 40% DMG buff for 2 rounds)
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              oracle is still my main & hunter is my secondary. my influence isn't high enough to make good use of the knight yet (kid only has 1573 influence).

              but i really want to take advantage of scourger & ranger because they have higher atk conversion (my hero primarily focuses on patk). to me, suicide bomber doesn't seem to die faster than poison bro unless i equip both sacrifice & penance (which i don't). right now with scourge at lvl7 & ranger at lvl5, & with the same gears & gems, ranger often died faster than his poisoning effect could stack up to 200k+. if the opponent is too weak, scourger can just 1-hit them while ranger doesn't seem to be good at 1-hitting opponents (due to his skills being low-profile?). i equip all atk skills & only dmg delphics on both. did i miss the point on ranger? or is his level just a little low?


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                better save the blood if you get the new eudaemon that should be out this month. maybe just maybe it will be decent
                IGN: princestewii
                Class: Archer
                Server: Kabam 86


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                  nah that one will be the male knight, which IMHO isn't needed as much as the mages & archers (coz im a knight).

                  Originally posted by princestewii View Post
                  better save the blood if you get the new eudaemon that should be out this month. maybe just maybe it will be decent


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                    Originally posted by R238423534 View Post
                    nah that one will be the male knight, which IMHO isn't needed as much as the mages & archers (coz im a knight).
                    definitively not normal knight, maybe MATK or other bleeding creature


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                      For DI, it is best you go for massive damage. Healing is never an issue. You will kill the boss before you need heals. It is the 20 min time limit that is the biggest problem, and lag is your worst enemy.