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    of course if only 1 player strip in week1 and not strip in week2, total points will be about the same
    of course if 50players strip in week1 and 51players strip in week2, total points will be about the same
    total point will change a lot, if 0 players strip in week1, 50 in week2, 100 in week3. that's why i'm here, talking to people, telling them that if they strip we gain more points and we can go to diamond. spread the voice and convince people of your guild/server to strip.
    who still doesn't understand this, needs many math lessons. Or probably is a top20 in ranking that is trying to boycott this method in order to maintain his advantage.


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      How about this...
      The weak feed the strong.
      The strong get stronger.

      Problem solved.


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        to me, stripping or waiting more time between fights doesn't help at all. i still have half chance of getting someone stronger & the other half weaker.