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Free CD & auto-approval for leaving & rejoining same guild within 15 minutes?

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  • Free CD & auto-approval for leaving & rejoining same guild within 15 minutes?

    As mail vault isn't an option for many people with future upgrade materials that they can't use yet, it would be good to allow a guild member to leave & rejoin the same guild without CD & without the need for officer approval.

    For example, if they leave their guild voluntarily & rejoin within 15 minutes, they don't need officer approval and don't need to wait 24 hours.
    If they are kicked out, they would need officer approval to get back in.
    If they leave voluntarily & want to join another guild, they still need to wait 24 hours.
    If they leave voluntarily & do not rejoin the same guild within 15 minutes, they still need to wait 24 hours & need officer approval to get back in.

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    If you're going to ask for something that makes inventory management easier, just go directly to giving us more space to put all this junk (and/or stack things better, etc.). We shouldn't have to be shunting it to mail all the time anyway.

    If you were suggesting this to help anyone who accidentally left a guild, then OK, but that's not that easy to do, so barely worth considering.


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      mostly for mail vault (which isn't really an option >.<) without higher officer intervention. players got very frustrated when they got an inventory lock up & nobody is available to kick them (including nobody has high enough office to kick them), or they got kicked but no one approved them soon enough & made them miss event deadline. this situation is worse among officers than regulars because the higher up they are, the fewer people can kick & re-promote them. players started to quit due to space problems since late 2013, yet the solution still seems absent.

      i agree they should just give us the space, or they could just give 1500 boxes of volatile space (same capacity as mail attachment) that expires in 30 days if not swapped periodically. it's not even a cashing problem. there's no way to buy beyond 5 pages of space, but just clothing alone could jack up all of it, not to mention so many other things that we still need but don't have enough quantity for synthesis.


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        Inventory space is a money maker for R2. That is why they give you 2 pages worth of inventory for HIRE.

        What you are suggesting would disable that revenue stream. They'd have to be complete muppets to ag- well, actually, now that I think of it, your request has an excellent chance to get through.