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    A really good company is open to criticism, and try to resolve those problems. Sadly, R2 is not such is a company

    I opened a topic, like a week ago, with contructive suggestions about what's going wrong at R2Games:
    Never got an R2 / mod reply.
    Not even a "thanks for you suggestions, we forwarded it to our superiors!"

    Which is quite sad, because I see mods actually expend a lot of energy here replying to topics. But the absolute goal of their work would be to make players happier, and the game a better one, which they now fail to reach So right now, this energy is a complete waste, because they keep speaking, without the ability to help with ANY problem - even in situation when they could. I see they have the willingness, so I think the problem must be with their bosses. Who tell them, keep posting on the forum, reply to topics, but do not forward ANYTHING to us, to game master, to any of your superiors.

    I will never forget that when during the last adv. sepulcrum event, people got adv. sepulcrum for using normal sepulcrum, that was corrected in a matter of hours. On the other hand, lord of time was corrected, in more than a month? Right now, our inventory is full of "invisble" clothes, which cant be moved, can't be synthesised, and if worn, it will make the player invisible, making the player unclickable, which is a serious advantage. And this bug is on since a week and no one bothers although its reported here... And it could be corrected in 3 seconds just by uploading the icon graphics to the server!!!! Or what about cache use turned off in the flash code, previous patch it took them months to correct that, and now its happening again!
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      Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
      I don't understand this bit.
      The thread was about some fast growing players on these servers. Players discuss various theories. I for example declared that due to person responsible for valuation, big casher can now very fast grow, except some areas, where he/she still needs to retain its normal progress (such as EXP and sylph EXP). One of those players grow even more than it is possible during 1 week. So if he does not fraud, he should be supported by R2 (check Jared's presentation, there is explanation why such praxis is used). And then censor comes and start to affect the thread, before somebody had a chance to explain how is it possible to have 3 sylphs maxed in a week.

      Smart moderator will calm people with some calculations, showing that the player is big sponsor but not frauder. Instead the issue remain unsolved and on blogs appeared comments about such players and R2 praxis. If this is what you want to achieve, then congrats.

      Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
      Most people shoot for the first one, and so no one remembers there was a second one. That's probably why that was deleted. If my first conclusion was that you referenced the first presentation, it's likely the one who removed it also thought that as well.
      The first one is in fact copy of Jared's with some in depth investigation into numbers. The second is based on last Jared's slides, but better explained and supported by numbers. I referred to the second and the first one does not makes sense in that thread. But Jared's presentation last slides makes also explanation and I specifically pointed to them.

      Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
      I don't understand the bit I've underlined. If Ada wishes to discuss the deletion of that thread further, Ada is welcome to send me a message and I will discuss it, as it would be a matter between Ada, as the OP, and myself, as the mod who removed it.
      Case by case:
      1) We have player who is constantly abused account sharing, use taboo worlds in world chat and when it is reported (with pictures and videos), it is accepted by support as proven, but no action is taken as the player is huge casher. He is getting enormous advantages from it and openly laughs and use taboo words on us. One player comes with idea that this person is moderator, as it is possible explanation of both the behaviour and cashing grow. And as R2 has bad reputation in punishing cashers for frauds, cheats and bad behaviour on servers, this theory prevails. We have big casher on server who is maybe target of supporting this casher, but nobody understand why player who sells accounts, use massive sharing to form 4-account atoll boss teams in 1 person remain on the server.

      2) After Ada published the thread, the thread is no more Ada's but community owned. Especially as you need to explain all players who commented or read it.

      BTW, I came from country which was 45 years censored, so if you need to learn some tricks, let me know.


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        It was less about reporting the incident. There is no point in reporting it. As many others have experienced, so long as the perpetrators are balen whales, they can pretty much do whatever the heck they want, and R2 will not lift a finger against them.

        The entire idea of the thread was to let people know that such harassment occurs and that they are not alone. It is how we overcome and take out cyberbullying, not hiding it away and pretending it doesn't exist. Other money making social platforms have taken much proactive action against cyberbullying. It is sad, but not unexpected, that R2 turns a blind eye to it.

        Deleting the thread does not help R2's reputation. It is already on a private part of Facebook. Suppressing the event only makes me want to make it go viral, with R2's culpability emblazoned all over it. The modern age of Internet makes information extremely hard to censor and control. Deliberately going out of your way to enrage people is a sure way to have things go viral.

        This is not North Korea, sir.


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          In summary, this is post it wall.

          Sometimes moderators walk around and pick the stickers which they do not like, sometime they read it as a lullaby before they go sleep and forget.

          If we open thread like this about picking wrong sticker, we see that rules are not respected by R2 games' people (as nobody let moderators know they should respect them as contract).

          I have a question, do you feel community growing or not? And is target to have 0 community or not?