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Sylph upgrade suggestion

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  • Sylph upgrade suggestion

    Why not make sylph upgrade just like Holy Forge? Cause even gettin a red equip we keep using Vulcan Hammer and Stove till lv8 grade 10, after that we begin to use Vulcan Clamp and Stithy to upgrade the moons. With Sylph could be same, use Mahra and Sepulcrum till get 5 star orange, after that use Adv. to upgrade the moons.
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    It is like that. The only difference is that the bar is set at no-star orange instead of red.


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      Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
      It is like that. The only difference is that the bar is set at no-star orange instead of red.
      I think that she needs something different:

      Instead of:
      - until sylph is orange 1 star to have "normal" mahra and sepulchre
      - after sylph is upgraded to 1 star orange, start the advanced version of mahra a/o sepulchre
      [Currently they changed the normal mahra, but not yet the sepulchre]

      And she wants orange till 5stars also normal, so instead of end with normal ones at 1star, to end with them at 5star. So advanced mahra will be used only for 5star orange to red, which goes against R2 goals and pricing of advanced items.


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        That is what I said: They set the bar to orange instead of red.


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          I don`t mind if they keep it as it is and just keep Adv mahra for 2nd evolved sylphs, I just WISH they`d run an adv mahra event, they do events for using Adv sep so why not events for adv Mahra? I am at a stage where I have held off using my Adv mahra in the hope of an event for it cos knowing my luck the day I decide sod it and use my adv mahra u can guarantee there`ll be an adv mahra event in the next few days xD