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inventory issue

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  • inventory issue

    g ms inventry really should be opened for free not bound balens
    you see i got no space in the inventory really non and no bound balens what should i do , i got 1.5 page opened + guild inventory, should i just quit for lack of space cuz i cant play any more for not having a place to save the thing that i gain,it's really annoying, i cant save mahra or mount training whip or specu or any thing for events plz fix that let it be for free , it will make all players happy
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    Or at least make them timed open slots like I had seen in a few games (Shadowbound being one of them) up to a certain point (before the last page as the person who needs more than 3 pages of invo will have to buy with premium currency---diamonds being the case in that game).
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