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ToK Nightbloom

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    People are not happy so much as take it as part of the game. They don't try to dictate to others how to behave within the bounds of the game. It is like plundering in Wilds. It happens, it is part of the game. Get over it and learn to mitigate the damage. That is part of the game also.

    In other words, DEAL.

    And no, you don't have to be a whale to beat a guy with Poseidon. Not even when owned by the Top 4 guy in the time zone. You just need to know what to do, or, you know, do TOK HARD instead.


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      On my shard, we often have a frigga/freya in nm...or more than 1...and those are quite a bit worse than a mere nub we come to the forum to whine about it though? Hmm, have not seen any yet...

      Ppl either stun them down or chaos...or just plain does tok hard those days


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        i am not a big, small or little whale.. and do tok nm everyday on Eu server.

        and yes gruntar getting frigga/freya, and if there is also loki/odin in it, you have way big more problem. 4 kind of res, you cant protect your self good enough.
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          Yay i will go ahead and put posideon on next to kelbeans frigga, maybe get misstrust and magictim to put theirs on too haha
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            I think it's fair to say the people in TOK NM don't keep their sylphs on to be hated. They are there because they are the highest BR players - simple as. I often put a noob sylph of mine on - do people notice that? Do they hell lol - but as soon as the Frigga is on because I am an actual human being and I forget to change it, all hell breaks loose. The only time this would be "unsportsmanlike" would be if someone were doing that on purpose to make life difficult for other people. I don't think this should have been called out publicly on a forum - that is a pretty harsh thing to do imho.
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              Nightbloom has admitted in BGs that he equips a heal pet to be a xxxxx (i'll censor that myself).

              OP cashers don't care, I don't know why you bother, no use appealing to their better nature, they don't have one!
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                I like nightbloom, I mean he at least stands by what he does +1