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Clothing title question

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  • Clothing title question

    The event for the "Blood Thirst" clothing was awhile back, and I got all the clothing EXCEPT the wings.... If i put my "Blood Thirst" helm, armor & weapon on, un-equip them (sending them to my inventory) and then buy the "Blood Thirst" wings from the hot tab in the shop, WILL I GET THE TITLE? I need to know for sure before I buy the wings..... If I wont get the title, I dont wanna waste my balens.

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    If you complete the entire outfit that has a title, then you will obtain the title. Granted you may have to equip all the pieces, save it and then reload as sometimes titles can be a bit finicky, but there should be no problem obtaining the title as long as its still available in the title listing that can be accessed by clicking on details in your inventory.

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      In case it doesn't work, which has been known to happen, you can definitely put them all in inventory, take a screenshot, and submit a ticket, and you'll eventually get the title.

      It may also unlock if you try equipping, unequipping, refreshing, etc.


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        yes. your clothing (and the corresponding title) is activated at the moment when it enters your inventory, but not activated if it is sent straight to mail.