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is it allowed swearing in private chat in the game ?

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  • is it allowed swearing in private chat in the game ?

    i play on 101xp server nebula. My username or nick/name is Allmighty...
    3 players swearing every day there and i think that they are cheaters and honest player.. what to do ?

    Me and our guild have one request please transfer our guild with our members in our guild... on r2game server here.. please please please

    with full respect and Regards ..

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    they are russian players and they said to us this: Go out of our russian server


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      You would need to contact support through the website you play on regarding reporting players for swearing in chat on your server.

      Transferring characters between platforms is not possible. You would need to create a new character and start over if you wish to play on this platform.
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        They do not own that server. However, as Memory pointed out, it's a matter of that platform's channels you must go to for support. It won't be possible to transfer data from one platform to the next, so if you desire a restart, you can come to this platform and do so. Our people here are class acts, but nothing of the sort when it comes to extreme swearing or throwing people out of a server mind you. Good luck.
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          1) you can blacklist them, so they will not swear anymore

          2) if you contact support, be prepared:
          - copies of all the swearing in chat (pictures)
          - escalation of moderators (otherwise support simply do not act in the swearing case)
          - report first the non-cashers, so no reason to retain cashers, if not act for 1 month ask again here to escalate

          3) There is always case for other players join you on the server to outnumber such players