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How about a spire chest-exchange in the spire shop?

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  • How about a spire chest-exchange in the spire shop?

    The recent spire post got me thinking ...

    Much like the current event boxes, how about offering the ability to exchange spire chests for items in the spire store. For example, a few hundred spire chests could be exchanged for a new "spire mount." To do a quick ideas-list ...

    hundreds - new spire mount
    hundreds - hat/armor/weapon clothing chest
    hundreds - expert dimension
    100 - advanced dimension

    Also, I would like to see some exchanges that keep in mind the younger players (who are the most fond of Spire runs) and offer an abundance of things they are behind on ...

    10 chests - plenty of insignia and a medallion (as honor + insignia makes new equipment easy to make)
    25 chests - better gear-related things, such as a socketing rod, gem packs or soul crystals