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The updates of what is coming out

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  • The updates of what is coming out

    Guys don't you think you could do like you used to do and release those a couple of days early pls than the same day? Cause why do i need to come here to find out what is in events that day when it is already on the server? So it would be nice if it came out even the day before.
    S160 Kabam

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    Information is available,
    but testers sign confidentiality agreement and
    R2 do not publish until receive release content (if receive as sometimes we got empty list of changes, or changes are not announced at all = maintenance info is first in game showing server is going down, the on forum)

    In past some big changes were announced but on very high level

    In other non-R2 games we are getting info 1 week before so players looking forward to (it is better marketing than promo events that are corrected during first 2 hours). And on Chinese Wartune we also get info earlier (at least I had chance to translate it).