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open new astrals slot

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  • open new astrals slot

    I can't remember how to open the slot at the bottom left-hand sid of astral ring. I have a lvl 61 player who only has 6 slots and a 70 who has 8 slots.

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    One slot is opened at level sixty+ when doing a quest to collect 5,000 astrals. The other slot is unlocked upon completing the class advancement collection of quests. If you have completed the quest for the 5,000 astrals and the slot has not unlocked, let us know so we can work on helping you with that because it may need a ticket, but we'd have to trouble shoot first.

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      It's no longer the "collect 5000 astrals" quest since the dropped the number down to just 1000. However, it's part of the imperial quests, so you might want to check that if you completed such.
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