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R2 staff, please stop with the excuses

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  • AdaJames
    started a topic R2 staff, please stop with the excuses

    R2 staff, please stop with the excuses

    R2_Sanguine replied to a locked thread (after it was locked), which meant I wasn't able to reply to his reply.

    All your assumptions are false.

    A ticket was lodged.

    R2 staff said they will look into it.

    2 months later, they sent me a mail saying that since I didn't say anything more, it must be resolved, so they are closing the ticket.

    Note that I was actually waiting for THEM to give me an update.

    Months later, a member of the same guild that did the harrassment is upset that I still refer to it and lambast his guild for it (note that they have not apologised and are in fact still quite active in their hate towards me, although they do not yell it in World Chat any more; it does not mean their harrassment stopped). That was the screenshot that I posted.

    In summary: I have given up any hope of R2 staff resolving any harassment issues. So long as the other side spend money, R2 just does not give a flying rat's behind about people who suffer under their watch.

    I merely made the thread in order to let people know that these things do happen and that theya re not alone. That is why it was carefully edited in order that no details of server, person or guild were present. It is not about a witch hunt or flaming or anything R2 staff has been FALSELY accusing people of doing. NO ONE in that thread, not me, not any of the other posters attacked anyone. We merely note that it exists and that people who are harassed are not alone.


    And while you are at it, stop setting up strawmen as well. It is even more annoying than the harrassment itself, which should tell you something.

  • AdaJames
    Pieces of the conversation were missing because they scrolled up out of sight. The chat memory is absolute fossilised dinosuar dung. By the time you capture the screenshots and go back for more, most of it has already disappeared. It is a restriction imposed by the game, not any nefarious activities.

    Once again, tilting at windmills and creating strawmen. And no, it is not an Aussie expression. Learn some English.

    Am I angry? Of course. YOU replied behind a locked thread, where no one can defend themselves against your unfounded and defamatory accusations. Who is the nefarious one now?

    Given that you have insisted on accusing me of making stuff up, you now want me to "file a ticket"? What good would that do? Looks like a case of "She deserves to be ra.ped because she was wearing provocative clothing" just waiting to happen to me.

    The screenshot very CLEARLY showed that the guy acknowledged that it happened. He didn't deny it, but is angry that I still have not forgiven them for it. If that is not enough proof for you, nothing will be, so stop wasting my time.

    This will be my last communication with you with regards to this. You and R2 have very clearly shown you have no interest in any harassment that players encounter, merely to preserve your revenue stream. Your strident attempt to push the blame on me clearly shows this.

    Your policies are not worth the pixels they are printed on simply because they are never enforced. I am not the first one to note that or talk about it, nor will I be the last. You are living in a fantasy world if you believe that this is the first time no action was taken against balen whales or that people have never spoken or complained about it.

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  • R2_Sanguine
    Well, I'd prefer to do this somewhere else. But you seem intent on making this public. You called someone a chook. You kept egging people on. You called them a stalker. In my view, you didn't leave them alone and prevent any shred of doubt that you had no fault. You yourself stated that pieces of the conversations were missing and that's a big red flag to us.

    Look. I'm not trying to say your claims of sexual harassment aren't valid, but you never PROVED it. If you want to discuss what could be done better and if you have any other evidence of legitimate harassment, then please review our policies on behavioral violation , open a ticket, send me a PM in the forums with the ticket number, and I'll even take time out of my day to handle it myself. These discussions shouldn't be had on the forums which is why your threads keep getting locked or closed. Again, flaming on the forums gets you nowhere, just like giving incomplete information and encouraging the bad behavior. We really believe we can help you but you have to let us help you rather than just dismiss us as "tilting at windmills" (some aussie expression?)

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