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New Sylph Arean

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  • New Sylph Arean

    The new sylph arena is horrible. Not only do you no longer get to work your own way up the chain, but the rewards are a joke. At this level who needs regular sepulcrum anymore.
    Also, can someone explain to me how a sylph group with a combined battle rating of only 350k can beat a group with a battle rating of 390k. Resistance stones should not make that great of a difference to allow a player that much weaker to win. Especially if the resistance difference is small.

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    Team br isn't everything, and a difference of 350k to 390k matters a lot less than the strength and types of the individual sylphs. Like if the 350k team is led by a 180k hecate, and the 390k team is 3 130k sylphs, that hecate might tear through them, especially if the chaos effect hits.
    I've lost plenty of fights to teams with lower br. If you're not sure how it happens, just watch it play out.