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Soul Crystal Event?

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  • Soul Crystal Event?

    Are there going to be any more? It seems like there hasn't been one in several months, so I'm wondering if I should keep saving them or just use them now instead.

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    In all honesty, we never know in advance if or when an event will occur or revisit in the case of old favourites. All we can do for the moment is keep an eye on the news and events section for future announcements and keep our fingers crossed that this event will come around as I know many are hopeful for it.
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      Don't expect one; soul crystals are super cheap now, and soul seals not that much more expensive, so using them is not something they're particularly likely to reward. And if they do, they won't give a lot of rewards, so holding off on using them is a bad bet, in my opinion.

      Virtually zero chance of being able to exchange soul crystals for anything else ever again.