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How to get elite BR

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  • How to get elite BR

    I am currently level 65 with a BR of about 58,000. I see people my same level with BR's of well over 100K. Was curious as to how that BR is achieved? I work on stable, sylphs, armor etc. but I can't see the step jump to get there.

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    Gem, soul engraving, number of mounts, clothing ID


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      Thank you, can you elaborate further?


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        sylphs, kidds, and everything else in game


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          I rmb giving this recommendation somewhere but here I go again:

          - Try fate engraving, it can raise your BR by a pretty much bit using fate stones
          - Max your guild skills with guild contributions and technology upgrade via academy using kyanite

          Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
          Gem, soul engraving, number of mounts, clothing ID
          - For gems, here's how it works: focus on resist crystal rewards from occupying dimensions,
          cuz resist crystal synthesis events will give you the tons of gem packs you need for a gem synthesis event,
          when you are able to make a lv 9 or 10 resistance crystal.
          Others will also say that doing crypts will give you a gd source of gems, and inevitably exp,
          I have to consent to this one.

          - Soul engraving: the greatest source of soul crystals is from the sylph crystaloid exchange linked from your profile (4th tab)

          Click image for larger version

Name:	sylphLoidexchange.jpg
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ID:	1718640

          So be sure to tag someone for sylph atoll boss party as much as possible to get 50 sylph loids from atoll boss.

          - Clothing synthesis, especially the wings (synthesize 2 clothing of the same type and level) will definitely raise your BR as well.
          - Clothing Identification, ONLY do it during a clothing event, look out for this event (as illustrated below)

          Click image for larger version

Name:	ClothingIdentifyEvent.jpg
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Size:	46.5 KB
ID:	1719325
          But here's where the real kick comes in. After identifying clothing, you'll need fashion cores to refine
          them for higher stats. Unfortunately, wartune devs doesn't give ample of what players actually need to do clothing refine,
          so yea.. this will be abit difficult to do unless you focus on farming fashion cores from events as such:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	fashionShardExchange.JPG
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Size:	14.7 KB
ID:	1718641

          And don't forget about astrals, it will give you a gd decent BR as well, but it's also a major gold sink.
          So be sure to always do wilds, sky trial, sylph atoll boss, alchemy once, world boss, sell sylph equipment shards
          or exp books and scrolls, levy gold and farm with gold seeds to generate a daily source of gold income.

          I also noticed that sylph upgrade and enchant events give alot of gold if you do them thoroughly.
          So make sure to farm mahra from farm animals with green magic grass, and sepulcrums mainly from sky trial,
          and sylph arena weekly rewards.

          Finally, for mounts - I can't really say cuz it's mostly luck dependent with event chest where it gives so much stats and BR with it.
          Try grab some of the mounts from blacksmith (i.e. if you want anything more, try to synth them from the blacksmith, unless it's not found there)
          So battleground chest will also give you socket rods and lv2 and 3 gems that you need to get ahead of hero upgrading.

          - sylph equipment refinement with holy water (source: event chest, sylph expedition, cloud adventures)
          - sylph equipment enchantment (source: sylph arena enchantment packs; weekly rewards)
          - sylph souls (source: event chest, sylph expedition, mystery shop)
          - mahra upgrade (source: farm magic workshop, adv dimension invaders)
          - sepulcrum enchant (source: sky trial, adv dimension invaders)
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            Greatest source of soul crystals is Circuit Quests.


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              Originally posted by gohuskies898 View Post
              Thank you, can you elaborate further?
              It is simple:
              1. Gem can give fairly high BR at higher levels. The current max for gem is L11 if you synth them during events to get the rewards. Yes, you can get L12 gem, but you don't get rewards for it. A single L11 gem (not a dual one) will give you roughly 670 BR. If you use legendary equipment, you can get 4 gem per equipment, 32 total for all 8 pieces. That is approximately 21.5k BR right there from gem alone. Dual gem gives roughly 20% more BR.

              2. Soul engraving gives you a bonus on your gem. At L80, it gives a 200% bonus to your gem, adding another 43k BR on top of the 21.5k that you get from the gem.

              3. Mounts each give a bonus that is a multiple of +10 to all stats. +10 to all stats is roughly 220 BR. The mounts you can get from chests these days can be up to +150 or +200 or roughly 3.3k or 4.4k BR EACH. Get a few of those, and your BR will skyrocket. You can also get beast souls from event chests. Save them and buy mounts from the mount shop (it is in your stables) for even more BR goodness.

              4. Clothing ID gives stats. Up to +100 to a stat PER ITEM. +100 Def is +800 BR. +100 Str/Int is +500 BR. +100 End is +400 BR. The more clothing you ID, the higher your BR.

              All of the above can be done pre-L80 (OK, I am not sure about the level restrictions of gem). At Advance Class, your mounts' bonuses will go crazy with refines.

              As a comparison, I get the following from Clothing ID alone (I play a mage):
              +246 Str (+1230 BR)
              +1228 Def (+9824 BR)
              +1288 Int (+6440 BR)
              +618 End (+2472 BR)

              That is a total of almost 20k BR from my Clothing ID alone, and it is by no means maxed, not even half way.


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                Originally posted by gohuskies898 View Post
                I am currently level 65 with a BR of about 58,000. I see people my same level with BR's of well over 100K. Was curious as to how that BR is achieved? I work on stable, sylphs, armor etc. but I can't see the step jump to get there.
                There are a great many things that you can do at your level to increase your BR. Titles are a good part of adding to your BR. There are a variety of ways to gain titles.

                - Wild hunts
                - Special Mounts
                - Completed Clothing sets

                You will also want to accumulate as much Kyanite as you can and work on your academy skills as well and build them up. Make sure you are upgrading your troops as you level your city.

                Gems and Soul Engraving are also an important part of building your BR. the soul crystals will enhance a percentage of the Gems power for every level of the Soul engraving that you do.

                Gaining more mounts through Event chests, the more mounts you have will also add to your BR.

                Refining and identifying your clothing will also help to maximize your BR and give you a boost in your rage.

                Upgrading your sylph and equipping it will also help with your BR.

                These are just a few ideas that will help get you on your way to building a good character.
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                  Also, when you upgrade to level 5 stable, you get a free +150 mount. Same thing for level 6, 7 and 8. Further, you can "enchant" these four mounts (and only these four mounts) for another easy boost to br. ... on that note, mount hooves can upgrade your mounts to double their value (something different from the "enchantment" that you can do with the 4 special mounts).


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                    If u have equipments for slyph try to max enchant and it will give you good BR bosst also try to make all stats to Hp and you'll see the BR bosst you need.
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                      Some things I have not known before, I am knowing now. Makes me feel like a rebirth-ed noob all over again.
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                        How? Do everything there is for you to do every day. Its the least fun thing I can think of to do everything in this game every day, but thats how to gain advantages on everyone who doesnt. Based on your level, you wont have access to all of this yet, but thats:

                        ToK - Eud upgrade mats and SC/Insigs
                        Spire - Good XP, Bound Balens, Shadow Crystals
                        MPD - Gear, then holy forge mats
                        200 sta of campaigns - XP, money, kyanite
                        6k BG honor - Medallion upgrades
                        Wilds - Mount, eventually, then Random ****
                        3 sets of catacombs dungeons - Good XP and Gold plus Gems and Kyanite (I still key crypt for Kyanite, because you need that much of it) or gems + dragon essence or HF mats
                        Sylph Arena - Primary source of Blue sylph gear
                        Eud Arena - Other source of eud upgrade mats, daily skill books
                        Eud bounty - Eud gems, upgrade materials, and, maybe, eud marks
                        Sky trail - Seps and first evo sylph upgrade mats
                        2 world bosses - Gold, Daru
                        Tanks - Temp mount, runes
                        Arena - Insignia and Fate Stones/Runes/Will Crystals from league insig
                        DI - Gold, gold, gold, some whip/hoof
                        BI - Gold, temp mounts, boxofcrap
                        Amethyst mines - Mount, Whips
                        Sylph Exp - Sylph gems, mahra (Changing to be much, much better in Nov)
                        Atoll Boss - Stoves, gold, mount (Changing to have better rewards in Nov)

                        Farm - 1 hour crops if you're going to be around in 50-60 minutes (depending on farm level), 4 if you'll be around in 3:20-4hr, 12s onl if you wont be back for 10:30-12 hours. 1 Kyanite until max kyanite, keep enough food + essence to make boxes and feed your animals, then lots and lots of gold.

                        Weekly runs of Nerr and Tara - HF mats, gold.

                        And if you plan to spend anything, recharge on events with multiple recharge bonuses (getting bound balens AND high-quality items [mounts, adv sep/mahra, high level will crystals, gobs of zeus blood, ect] AND a consecutive recharge beast soul event) and spend on events with good Big spender + Epic spender + Random Spender (that isnt absolute **** like the current Halloween one one [again, get bonus high quality items, not ****])

                        Save everything, use/combine it only when theres an event for that item. This is the rule of thumb for the vast majority of everything in this game, excepting Dragon Essences, Soul Crystals, Cards and Eud gear enchanting.


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                          this thread helps alot because with the game growing and changing I have to back up and relearn some steps.