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VIP payement problems

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  • VIP payement problems

    Hello everyone so i have a problem beacaus i want to get vip but i can beacause of the methode of payament
    1- the paypal and cards prepaids are for 18 + and badely i am 17 :-(
    2- the other mehode like gamecards - ukash arent existe in my country (morroco)
    3- dao paye (the good one) arent avaible tow
    so i like to add a nex methode of payment like SMS pay it good and also easy

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    up up up up help !!


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      I have the same problem with the payment ... my paypal doesn't work anymore and I don't want to create a new one ... so I can't pay (the other methods are impossible for me)
      The best payment method would be PaySafeCard : it's a prepaid card (Without personal dara or anything) ;you can buy it from a lot of places ; it doesn't takes any payment fees and it has a lot of ammounts (5 10 20 50 100) ... This would be a perfect method for payments

      EDIT: I found out that paysafecard (and a lot of other payment method) are available in this game ... sade there is a button called "More payment options" ... if u press it you'll find other option ... look there u might find a good p method
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