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Hide Objects Bugged?

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  • Hide Objects Bugged?

    Hey guys, I keep getting a bug in the hide object check box, when I unchecked it so I can see the objects it auto checks it again after 1-2 turns, is that normal? is like if the game put it in auto check, butI don't want it that way all the time.
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    Same with me. Its beyond aggravating. I'll check it if I want to hide stuff. I don't need the game doing it for me. I uncheck it and let everything load, then it just checks itself and shuts them all off. Then I uncheck it again and my PC has to reload everything. Stupid button is putting more strain on my CPU than is necessary. Please fix this!


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      This is a bug in the game that has been reported. Please be sure to check the Bug Report Mega Thread to see if there are any updates on this problem.
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        it is by design. the maintenance update said that if the system found x amount of lagging then it would auto-change it to the hide all option. that is why it keeps switching even though you uncheck the box. this new feature pretty much blows. no one likes it and it has not helped my lag at all. Take it off kabam! or at least give us the option to turn it off and it STAY off.