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  • suggestions..

    First of all bravo I like most of the changes... You ask for suggestions.. Well hopefully you can fix some of the lag.. WB. BG. and Mp dungeons seem to suffer much more laing.
    I love the game but for me particularly BG is almost unbearable sometimes.. I have noted in chat that I am not the only one that has problems.. there has always been a
    measure of lag .. all computer specs. and internet connections are not equal. And we need more content as we reach level fifty and beyond .. i am a little past fifty and i almost feel i have finished the game.. it is beginning to get boring... from a money perspective.. that can't be a good thing for your long term vip. outlook and therefore the bottom
    line profit margin. I use balens not a huge cash player but i recharge. Now i am wondering what would be the point... there is nothing to play for... if u have any teasers for high level content now would be the time to bring it to light... I play on an old server one of the first and a mid level one. which is my favorite. But my fave is losing players to all the new servers... either merge some of them or stop bringing out new ones u are killing us... well thats my suggestion thank you ... this game has great potential for long term.... if u can realize it.