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Another Battleground.

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  • Another Battleground.

    Sorry to use the translator, my English is very bad:

    There are 3 times for WB, and 2 for fights in games for players from different servers. But there is only one schedule for battleground.

    In Spain we must add +6 hours to server time. The battleground start at 21:00 (server time), but that in Spain is 3:00 am.

    They could put another battleground at a different time? The amounts of honor you can get daily is limited, I do not have problem for it. However Honor points if needed to get the title (first) and to acquire better items in store Coliseum.

    I have only two options to get honor points via the battleground and are, first, stay awake until 3 am for that event, either expressly awake at that hour. You will understand for people who have to get up early either of those two options is very good, as you can understand.

    A greeting.

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    good suggestion, should make two battleground's in day and time different 12 hour between battleground's, so no need wake up very early morning/night.


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      Good idea


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        yes i suggest that too im on balkan and have same problem..


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          R24884249 - The problem is that you picked the wrong server; European server are gmt + 0 and Spain have Gmt +1...


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            Originally posted by SucioHarald View Post
            R24884249 - The problem is that you picked the wrong server; European server are gmt + 0 and Spain have Gmt +1...
            Not really. I entered this game through a banner on another page, and instead create an account entered by association with my facebook, electing automatically (without consultation of schedule or anything similar) server where I am.

            I might change my server and go to a European? Of course. But this game does not attract me enough to start over, not least because it is very clear that solely will thrive on the same players who paid for it, and those who do not or will pay little serve little, compared to the players that if they do so.


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              Start over with the server that matches your current TIME ZONE GMT+1 ,
              EST+0 and stuff .
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                ^ It's hard to change server if you already spent some cash on your current server. It doesn't make sense.
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                  How about reducing the Group arena to 90 mins. And the last 15mins of each Group Arena is a Battlegrounds.

                  Then double the rewards for battlegrounds.

                  And make battleground attempts 1/1 instead of 2/2.

                  Note: You can still join the battleground at 0/1. It's just that you will get no rewards. Like group arena where you will not get insigs.