at the moment, it is so that you can be easily beaten outer space by some players that have become overgeared or overleveled in comparison to yourself (like mages who burn all your hp to zero in one round).
If that happens all the time in a row, that can be very fast frustrating, so that it can happen that players quit gaming.

To keep the fun alive and make it more fair, I made some thoughts:

  1. players should not be able to mix their group completely free.
    That means, that players only can see and join parties with players in the same battle rating area like theirself.
    The difference in battle rating should never be higher than 2000 to see and join a party
  2. the matching engine only gives parties at nearly same battle rating area.
    To do that, the engine uses the average value of the battle rating of both parties. If the difference is not bigger than 3000, they can battle together

I used 2000 for forming and 3000 for matching to make it still possible to get tough opponents, but not too strong ones.


Only players with nearly the same battle rating (maximal difference about 2000) should be put together in one battlefield.

I think that solution is more fair and less frustrating.

The values of 2000 or 3000 are just numbers. the exact value should be found then.
How do you think aboiut it?

PS: English is not my native language, so please forgive me, if you find mistakes. ;-)