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Troll on our server.. offering free balens..DO NOT DO

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  • Troll on our server.. offering free balens..DO NOT DO

    People .. please... we have a new troll offering free balens if you click on the site.... he will pm you and tell you he works for R2. DO NOT click on this... one person on our server did and lost their account .. he took it over.. now he is back.. here is the screen shots...Click image for larger version

Name:	freebalens1.JPG
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Size:	51.6 KB
ID:	1777952Click image for larger version

Name:	freebalens2.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	45.8 KB
ID:	1777953 you can see the site he is asking you to click....
    Ingame name: Camages
    Server: EST, R2games
    Servername: S50 HereAfter
    Servers merged with: S9, S15, S39, S50, S52
    merged 4/10/2015 : S13, S21, S24, S27, S33
    merged 4/22/2016 : S179, S176, S182, S185, S188, S192, S195,S198, S201, S208, S211, S214, S217, S220, S224
    Toon: Mage
    Guild: Deadly Sins (DS) ...Dominion (newname)

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    I have hidden your screenshot so other ppl will not be tempt to check those website. I'm currently reporting this and using those screenshot as proves. Thanks for the info btw
    I will also take this occasion to say that no one from r2 will give you link or any website address to get "free balens" or "special offers" by pming you. Never go check those website as you might end up with some nasty stuff like keylogger or any other malwares. Alway use only the official website you use to log in the game and never give either your password or user name in a third party website.
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      I think it would be okay to post the site name if the words WARNING was somewhere in it so that way people will know what site not to go into. Masking such will keep people wondering. Although, trolls deserve to be shot. Regardless.
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