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soul crystals

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  • soul crystals

    When are we gonna get a soul crystal exchange, this is ridiculous, I have over 150,000 in my inventory taking space, please do something soon?

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    also w8ting, but i think r2games doesnt do them anymore, aeria games got SC event with seal crystals today (both at same time) we didnt, r2 fcks us


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      hello I have a few soul crystals I've been waiting on an event. Lately I've been spending money on the game, getting very excited about everything. I was very very disappointed to see no soul crystal event when the soul seal event came out. My character still has to build up her soul crystals. When will this event happen? You'd assume they'd happen together.


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        read the post above, it did happen on aeria, doesnt happen on r2 servers -> r2 is editing the events to make thier players weaker, to be honest only way to play wartune the way it should be is on china sites