come to Rift of Aklorn, join the Nephilims!

if u r :
-fallen, but wanna rise
-have communication skills!
-like the guild battle

we do not care:
-where r u from, what do u do, just be nice with others, and be our happy teammember!
-are u a VIP or not, champion or semi-god, how many hours u play, are u a DS, or a DC...
-ur age. we have here ppl 15-54years of age

w r 5, middle european pure human (w r not a UFO or a geek) hard core MMORPG players. and w have a nice piece of little community here with 9ppl, who are plays different time-and space warp,like a...
form indonesia, canada, states, and india, and hungary.
w need more members, now.

quite simple:
-to lvl25 u do it alone
-lvl25-35, trust me, u wont finish a day with stamina unused, when w r online
-lvl35-40, now u know what u want. guild will helps to reach whatever it is, insignia, legendary weps, mount, little pink elephants, piece of a meteorit...
-lvl40 - r u still here. thats good. lets clear this jungle...

best regards