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  • Maintenance message

    I think you should change the maintenance message adding a server time of maintenance start. Let's look at current message: "All Wartune servers are currently undergoing maintenance. Downtime for servers will be 3-4 hours." Why do I need this info about 3-4 hours if I don't know when it was started? I entered the game last time much more than 4 hours ago (and taking into account that maintenance usually going on at night or early morning, it's true for most of us), so I don't know anyway how long should I wait - 2 minutes or 3:58?

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    The start time is always posted in the announcement section of the forums. The message is generic and designed to be more of a placeholder to let you know why you can't login- better to have that than hope someone remembered to manually update the time on that screen for every time zone every time there's a maintenance.
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      About time zones I was sure it can be made automatically. If no then you're right, forum announcement is better.