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just a little suggestion about the new patch

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  • just a little suggestion about the new patch

    Hi all, players and GM's alike,

    i have a few suggestions regarding the game, as i have played the game both before and after the 1.45 patch came in.

    1) MP dungeons. - before the patch, a player had 5 runs, now we only get 3. i do like the fact that exp and rewards have increase but the lack of runs makes things seems too quick. especially for those of us that play 15 or more hours a day. my suggestion is going for the middle ground. allow us players to have 4 runs a day. players who wish to have more allow them do to so but without the exp gain, or item drops (except the sub boss and final boss, allow us them.) extra runs however will cost a player gold to do. this stops players abusing the drops. for example a level 20 player must pay 60,000 for an extra run. the cost per extra run then increases for each run.

    2) Farm friends - I know this has been suggested before but allow us some kind of system to see who has been inactive for longer than 4 days, making it easier for us active players to delete them and find more active farm friends.

    3) increase the friend limit - 200 friends sometimes doesn't seem enough, increase the limit so we can have 20 full pages of farm friends instead of 17 pages. (i like nice round figures lol)

    4) decrease the solo dungeon cost - 20 stamina to do a solo dungeon is a bit much, i suggest cutting that in half to 10 stamina. that way a player can do 20 solo dungeons instead of 10. this suggestion really comes into play when a player reaches level 30+ when a dungeon isn't opened till the player reaches a certain level.

    5) my final suggestion, the catacombs - i do love the patch making the catacombs double exp and rewards with a crypt keys, however the one run a day does limit a player. i suggest allowing us players a second run per day at the cost of vouchers (giving players another option to use the vouchers unless more items are added to the shop for vouchers.)

    many thanks for reading my post, please leave feedback on my suggestions and happy playing.

    kind regards,

    Unholy Templar
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