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Soul Mark Caps

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  • Soul Mark Caps

    I'm a Lv.8 Honorary Dragon Ranger, and my max Soul Mark level is capped at 40. There is no documentation anywhere stating that there are caps on Soul Mark level or what is required to reach the next cap level.

    Does anyone explicitly know the advancement reqs for lv41+ soul mark?

    I was trying to spend 5000 Soul Seals for event but I hit my cap after using about 4000 Soul Seals leaving me less than 1000 away from the last reward tier (5000) which irks me most grievously.
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    for every class adv lvl the limit raises by 10 I think, same applies to orange gear for holy forge
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      Originally posted by Warasia View Post
      ... There is no documentation anywhere ...
      You speak as if Wartune has ANY accurate documentation at all...