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  • Kitten club

    If i buy Cats for the kitten club are they there for good ? for will they disaper with time so i need to buy again ?

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    They are there for 2 harvests. You pay 210k gold, you get back 140k on average.

    You do the math.


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      Yeah they only last 2 harvest, however if you and the rest of the server do it together, you will make more than 140k average. I am getting 300-400k in repairs per day, and I get materials to build free stuff which yields me another million or so.


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        The baseline items cost 930k for 2 uses, and you'll average something like 1mil in cat returns, but the repairs will add a bit if you can be online enough. You really only get any significant income if you can get the materials to buy toys/furniture for free (or balens if you want to make that trade).

        If you can't be online enough to get gold & materials for repairs, then buying the stuff is a tiny gold income, but a gift to people on your friends list who can repair your stuff. I'd consider it worthwhile just for the benefit to others, but it is a hassle to buy each item over and over.


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          On our server I saw how it is played first few weeks, then we drop (we have only few real players, lots of alternated that cannot play after 5.1 so intensive), hope it will show R2 the real population on server and we can be merged.