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Divinity soul event messed up

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  • Divinity soul event messed up

    In the old times, normal gem events gave rewards from lvl 3. Later on, events gave tons of gems, gems got inflated, we got rewards only from level 5+, and even later, from level 6. This was ok, since we got a lot more gem than before. (Except for new players who lost any hope with this change).

    In the old times, resist gem events gave rewards from lvl 3. Later on, when players could get tons of resist gems from dimensions, we got rewards only from level 5+. This was ok, since we got a lot more resist gem than before. (Except for new players who lost any hope with this change).


    The only way to get divinity souls for free is from sylph expedition. For the average mortal, this means 1-3 lvl 1 div souls per day, for the server tops, it can be 4-6. So players can get 100-160 level div souls per month. Which is 25-40 lvl 2, 8-10 lvl 3, enough for like, 2 lvl 4 div souls per month.
    The only chance to get a few lvl 6 (for tops, 2-3 lvl 7) per month was the div soul event. Now this became completely impossible.
    When a player can get max. 2 x lvl 4 per month, giving the lowest reward for one lvl 5 is NOT NICE.
    You can say "this is a cash-only item", but look at shop. 50 x lvl 2 div souls is 3000 balens. Enough for 3 lvl 4 div souls. So for 3000 balens, you can't even make a level 5! So what about the level 10-11 div souls listed in the events? I'm not sure thats appealing for even the most insane whales.

    So I have 2 questions only:

    1.) How many senseless, stupid nerfs you think is needed to get rid of the last player?

    2.) Why forum login is working only from Mozilla (and not from Chrome, IE) since MONTHS, since you added the new, "wonderful" R2 interface?
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    It would be very important to understand, dear R2Games, that nerf is the ONLY BEST bulletproof method of getting rid of players, regardless of how good is or were the game, how addicted your players are, how much time and money they have spent. But your Wartune developers favorite sport is nerf (oh, sorry, "optimizing").

    Dimension nerfed 3 (THREE) times not once. Sylph arena nerfed beyond recognition. Sky trail nerfed. Dungeon drops nerfed. Recovery system nerfed. Mini-games nerfed. Wild shop nerfed. Many rewards in events nerfed, reduced multiple times (gem, sc, hoof, cloth, div soul, etc etc every event giving much less than before). Drop rates and chances have been nerfed! Resist have been nerfed. Class skills have been nerfed. Ancient beast shards jsut disappeared, we bought them for balens and cant use anymore??? The list could go on.
    And meanwhile, we don't see obsolete rewards get upgraded, the game just gets more laggy and bugged. I wonder why I'm still playing...

    Stop the nerfs at once, even so UNDO those where it is possible. Restore previous reward systems (we don't want more! just what we had once), give chance for new players (are there any?) and a motivation for old players to continue.

    (I know you will never do that, but I still had to write this).
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      The R2 guy who did the new interface is R2_Sanguine. He was here the other day and was very proud of it. Have fun with the info.


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        Wartune have never been a good planer, however this change in event is most likly with the change we are getting today, where we can get TONS of divinity souls.

        So this is an event that should have been done NEXT cycle, but wartune messed it up. Even a player like me that only buys vip can get 30+ soul per day(1k per month). Even my guildies that only have 2 sylphs around 100k can get 20+ per day. That's my guess at least.

        and for 2, I had issue after midnight login in with chrome, no issue before, but couldn't this morning enter r2 page normaly, had to surf into forums, click login, redirected me too r2 homepage, where I had to logout, and login, so I was logged here.


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          The video shows two things:

          1) new scheme of chests, but do we get the 1st clearance ones?
          2) we will gain the unlimited support (replaceable) sylphs, eg. 9 maximally instead of 3
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            CQ for sacrificing sylphs would be hilarious...


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              That could be a good news... If you get 1000 lvl 1 div soul per month, that's 4 x lvl 5, so you can make one lvl 7 per month, same as before. So it will look as they gave better rewards, but they didn't.
              With the event nerf, we lose 8xlvl3, 8xlvl4 div souls, thats 640 soul per month, and because of the midnight reset nerf, thousands more, depending on how far you could get. Even an extra 800 lvl 1 wont compensate for that.

              Also, seeing earlier Chinese videos of sylph expedtion, I hoped that the new changes will mean they finally begin awarding adv. sepu, adv. mahra, glint and blessing of god there, but it seems that's not the case
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                50+ adv mahra and those adv for upgrading skills starts. The rest we can dream about(as well as adv mahra for most of us )

                And yeah forgot it was possible drops, and the drop rate seems somewhat low. 45 stages he got 9, meaning you can accept like 1 per 5 stage, so my 30+ becomes 6+. on the other hand he might just have been unlucky(and hopefully not lucky).

                And they are all about these "nerfs". They throw a turd out, put a chocolate coating on it, and we think it's good til the moment we sink our teeth into it.


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                  so how long will it take till europe/us gets the new version ? a month after the others ? its clear we get all the things later than every else region, so they can rip more money till then.

                  they just mess with low and new players and at same time they open new servers every month, so whats the sense behind this ?

                  in the ranking of the new servers all will be the same but in all the crossserver events they fall behind cause they will never close up to old servers.

                  in relation to old players even on old servers the newer players fall behind (started about 8 months ago and right after start they changed mingames so this was a big cut in gettin up to the old "non-cash" palyers, with all the changes seems to me they want to get rid of all new/ non-cash players or at least want them to spend their loan checks in wartune just to have a bit fun.

                  wondering if devs in wartune have a vision where game will be in 1 year ? seems more like there are 3 or more dev teams working in competition: 1 for moderate or good changes and rest is trying to get players to quit the game: fire the rest and keep the moderate team, when ppl are fine with game then they will stay in there and only a wide population of all kind of palyers will keep the game alive (sure that its useless to tell them, cause like too many companies they only look for quick profits not for longterm customers)


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                    I checked, and sadly, what we have is not the same what you saw on video. I counted 7 lvl 1 chest and 135 shards until 30+. So its roughly twice more as before, but in event, 10 times less... Giga-nerf.
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                      Guess I was to tired when I checked the video first, thought he checked the normal levels, but apperently he just hovered over every 5th level Then I agree 100% that lv5 divinity soul is insane(already did tho, just thought there were some "leverage" to the change.)


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                        And I got another question: Is there a place I can get holy water now?


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                          Originally posted by Imonseph View Post
                          And I got another question: Is there a place I can get holy water now?
                          Yes, and more than one. But I believe, you won't be very glad to her them. One is hidden under the "O" hotkey, other is under Rona's supervision. Another trollface from R2 and 7road.