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POLL: Wartune 5.0 The Dark Age Regression

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  • POLL: Wartune 5.0 The Dark Age Regression

    It has come to my attention and almost every player here that the things happening are not just planned, but also made on dark humor.

    These recent patches we've had have done more harm then I've seen all my years of playing Wartune. We are truly in the Dark Ages of this game.
    Before I begin though, I want to state what has popped out to all the players who have logged into wartune's homepage.
    You have a slide in the center of your homepage placed first. It states the following
    " Version 5.1 Optimized - R2 always puts players first".
    This has not only made many people feel repulsed by what you have stated, but it shows very clearly you are purposefully causing this distress with a corrupt sense of humor. You have show within that statement alone
    YOU DO NOT CARE. Actually, not only do you not care, you have caused these issues on purpose because of your evil and twisted perception on humor.

    If you always put the players first, why are there countless threads made every minuet on why you cannot fix simple problems? Why have you been contacted by other businesses to stop with your false advertisements on multiple occasions? Why do you have an F rating on BBB with complaints not addressed or dismissed?

    Here are some links:

    The above links are not about other versions of wartune. It's because R2games has set up these ads purposefully in their headquarters in Hong Kong. I remember when that forum mod MemoryLane stated r2 does not associate with these ads. Either she was lying or she was lied to. These links and ESRB clearly state what r2 has done and they lead DIRECTLY to r2.


    I don't have to link any forum posts on here because you can easily find them on the first page of new forum post of all the stuff they have created and refuse to fix.

    Tell me R2, if you're "Always" about the players, please explain the above. You won't. You can but refuse because you don't have to.
    That's not a business. That's being arrogant, childish, and immature. Not professional at all.

    Now onto other things...

    We have seen difficulty increase in quite a few things these past patches.
    Increase with crypt difficulties. Most players are stuck on lvl 18 in Purgatory Maze because you raised it unto an unrealistic difficulty on purpose.
    TOK is literally impossible to do. Most players cannot even pass STAGE ONE ON EASY. But yet again, you did this on purpose. As if Hard mode wasn't hardcore enough for most, making it impossible on easy mode has only one explanation and that's because you have a sick humor.

    I think players should know that words like "Optimization" vary on different viewpoints. R2 has optimized on their behalf, not ours.

    Th nerf of rewards for stuff have been awful these past few months. R2 has made it where events we use to do and dungeons, we just don't. Because they do not give a valuable amount of items for the requirements of these dungeons.

    The lag is terrible, it always has been. It's not our computers or internet services. A lot of players are very good internet, yet your personal connection to these servers r2 is weak. You chose the one where it saves you more money. You do not invest in upgrades that are worth anything to save you several dollars. People who know technology, who know how programming works, who know how to fix things have been coming to you for years. There is only one explanation as to why nothing is fixed and only new bugs are created. You do not care. You have created these things on purpose for the sick humor and high you get off of it.

    The amount of bugs, glitches, and the such have reached to the point of no return. You have failed in taking seriousness of this issue. You have done this to profit short term profits of a few dollars. Taking down the servers for 1 or 2 day maintenance isn't worth losing $7.

    You have created a community of players who hold no respect and no value on your company. With everything you have done, you cannot reach the masses with your evil intentions. You cannot stand on a global level or compete on that level. You know this, though. Which is why you are letting the game fall apart while collecting any money you can.

    I've read for years players stating that this game is falling or already is done. There couldn't be a more exact time to say this here.
    Officially, you have killed the game and the community. The only path now is downwards. This game is turning into a game r2 had a a year ago. It was called Broken Realm.

    Crystal saga and other non major games are following the same path. We will know this game is almost dead when it only has server merges. No recharge events, or updates. We are already seeing R2 slowing down. Servers are hardly released at all. Merges are starting to pop-up again.

    I, as many players have had hope for this company. It is all gone. Thank you R2, you have achieved only money. No honor, no respect, no dignity, nothing else.
    But those words don't affect you. This is the affect of bad capitalism. I wish you and your special people in power goodluck.

    So what do you think players, is it the start of a Dark age never to see a Renaissance? I believe so.
    Unfortunately, it is so.
    There is still hope even in the most darkest places

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    needs all chaning


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      soon this game will die and will leave a bad mark on those responsible for it.


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        Originally posted by blazefire2015 View Post
        soon this game will die and will leave a bad mark on those responsible for it.
        Unfortunately, it's not on a global market and therefore can be erased easily.
        These people working at R2 do not have a conscience. This si why such things have been happening. All we can hope for now is the day it turns into Broken Realm and we get infinite balens to spend on whatever we like just like Broken Realm.


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          There is a path of return. All they have to do is to regress the patches back to v3 or so. That should take out all of the biggest problems, which were mainly a result of Patch 5, and also bring the rewards for events back to where they were.

          In one fell swoop, R2 can give us back the game that many people fell in love with.

          However, they won't because that would be admitting they got things wrong in the first place. R2 would never do that. They would rather the game fall apart than that. In anyone's lexicon, that is sheer arrogance.


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            Originally posted by R212958716 View Post
            So what do you think players, is it the start of a Dark age never to see a Renaissance? I believe so.
            Totally agree with you. All I can say is that I will stop to play any other "free to play". Wartune from r2games is probably the worst in this crappy category, though.


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              they started with a fake and they will end the same. players forgive a lot but not all. they dont care about the fake rating, but they dont forget the behavior of the company when it comes to treatment of players.

              only players that feel that companies care for them will stay. many other game companies had to find out the hard way that its easy to make mistakes in few months but to recover from gamers reactions takes years, and some didnt recover from their mistakes at all.

              only point against this is that some heavy cashers that have the power to change direction of the game dont see with open eyes, so they also have to learn the hard way: r2 doesnt care for any kind of player


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                Originally posted by Froggster View Post
                only point against this is that some heavy cashers that have the power to change direction of the game dont see with open eyes, so they also have to learn the hard way: r2 doesnt care for any kind of player
                This is true. This is the one thing that will make them evaluate a least a little bit that there is a problem. But even if 1-2 heavy cashers leave or stop the cashing, the VIP people provide a nice net of money.
                The only way to change it to stop all cashing. That will be extremely difficult to do in a competitive game.


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                  Only reason I am even on VIP at the moment is the astral collection. Once I have maxxed them, I will be dropping VIP like a hot potato.

                  I have already stopped buying balens 10 months ago.


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                    I am glad to know there are people who share the same disappointment for this game as I have. In times that I had voiced several suggestions to the letter, it comes up short because of the stubbornness of R2. You asked for one thing and you wind up with something completely different. I know I had voiced that it was my fault the "hide all" came to light as I had originally suggested it. My ideal function for such would be to hide all the players in places like BG (own team, you can freely attack others at will), in guild battle (where it gets to be laggy when so many people show up), in guild boss (same thing); that was supposed to be like that. Instead, and after a few people had made it known to me that it wasn't truly my fault, R2 decide to mess with us in hiding the wrong damn things at the wrong times.

                    Another suggestion I had made had shown me the competence level of said people at R2. It was relatively simple: put all the mini-games into an icon and bring them back from weekly to daily. I mean, it's not that hard, right? Instead, they made it a once a week thing (on certain days, makes me feel about a Del Taco commercial where tacos were a certain price on a certain day of the week), and they expect us to enjoy the game?

                    As I have said in another post, I will say here towards R2: "maybe you can convince toddlers in your own country to your cheapness, but you won't convince me or any other player who is smart enough to know not to settle for <expletive>. Our logic isn't the same as yours."

                    Now, if we are talking about a fix, I would like to literally suggest a few:

                    1. Keep the daily check-ins as it is. It looks okay.
                    2. Put the daily devotion (rewards) back to 95 as the max. Anything beyond that is extra credit since many of us do different things to get that magic number.
                    3. Remove the "Hide All Objects" button. It's in the wrong spot and situation.
                    4. If you're going to keep that game box, put back Goodies Link and Underground Palace as players often fancy themselves with such (UP: I call it the <expletive> zapper when the lightning hits my guy upon death). Make the games daily, as suggested and ideal.
                    5. Remove that cross server matching thing. I don't think it is benefiting anyone whatsoever as it causes problems when cancelled. Also, I think this was the cause of the first lag as well since it has to constantly "auto-match" even without people on it, thus adding to the network load.
                    6. Fix the damn cache problem. It was gone since 5.0, it was gone since 5.1 (last time), and it is gone now. Telling us to clear our cache is retarded when there is none present.
                    7. Keep the players hidden by default in Cloud City. If players want to see each other, then they can uncheck the button to show.
                    8. Certain events were beneficial and unlimited. Bring those back, you're not going to keep players if you skimp on them. Asking them to spend just to make ends meet is also a no-no (not with this bunch).
                    9. For the love of God, if you're going to take out EQ from dungeons, make it so that people can buy the refine crystals with gold, insignias, or guild contribution. Putting them for balens isn't going to make it all better. Or, even so, make them drop along (do not remove other stuff just to make it fit as I had seen about 10-15 items on the list of possibles before said patch took them out) with the stuff in MPDs so people will have some incentive.
                    10. Either put back the gold as a source on Atoll Boss, or tell us how we are going to get more gold for the expensive forges you got going. For now, i will be running out of mount refine spaces, thus forcing me to get new mounts (if I decide to stay on board with this hope) so that one person's remark will be true to me, so my gold collection from there will kind of cease.

                    I am going to stop at 10, but I am sure there are others with needs with the hopes to bring this game back and having you save face. You can do these (and more), or you can stay in your stubborn forms and drive this game into the ground and linger with a feedback for years to come as other countries may not want anything to do with you.
                    Last edited by Meikura001; 11-06-2015, 02:26 PM. Reason: Do not EVER change my words until you cretins fix this game right!!!
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                    Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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                      I think that there is mixed two things - issue with R2Games as a company - and issues with Wartune as a game.

                      Wartune as a game is going downfall as we can see even in the Maintenance message that they made untested mistake (non-terminated string) that can be easily found and corrected after first look.
                      Game has low development support as bugs are corrected in lower rate than before and recent patches (all 3 from 5.0 inclusive) have untested features even they spent 3 weeks on test servers.
                      Somebody got ideas to create eudemon stuff on base of kid system, but after 2 months it looks like unfinished idea that makes more problems (lag, marriage advantages etc) than if we got original system from China (with new pictures replacing fighting kids)
                      There are lots of unfinished ideas (why all animals are in the same pasture, if the second pool is empty for a month?)
                      Each patch we count only what will be nerfed, how they affect playability with reduced drops (or drops changed to pay-only drops), and seeing improvements (like the Divine Energy in EF NM) is more rare.
                      Not mentioning the memory hogs, downloads of objects from other 7road game, and enormous logging causing major lags until unplayable.
                      In summary:
                      - we have 2nd evolved sylphs and materials for them is cash only
                      - feature of fused sylphs as next evolution is big whales only, seeing no future in other areas it looks like golden parachute at the end of game
                      - we have got 6th class of eudemon, but drops of equipment to upgrade his gear (BTW, why is not interchangeable like sylphs even on same class?) are available for cash and skill system is 3 year future even for the oldest eudemon, not mentioning 64 spaces in inventory
                      - all events reduced to slow down evolution to retain people as long as possible (while irrigating new ones as mission impossible = less and less new players)
                      - fate stones return and Captain/General titles issue to drop history for old players?
                      - Auction House?

                      R2Games is something different:
                      - they could survive even after Wartune finishes using the new game drops, if they attract us.
                      - any sales people will tell you the truth - getting new customer is more costly than to retain and upsell existing. R2 is doing the opposite, they alienate its own customers by saying to same issue different things each week.
                      - untrained support staff, with low English and game industry knowledge (after sent detail log of communication errors between server and client, they asked for picture?) only bullying developers
                      - Community staff that forgets to attract people to give candies of future features (so we will give a more chance, maybe month ), mentors without R2 knowledge support, moderators without experience fighting in threads where they should be neutral?
                      - new portal that makes more problems, BTW look at as first and still unfinished portal of R2. With developer unable to accept this failure.
                      - infrastructure staff that constantly have issues to monitor servers, never read about performance and saving costs on low aggregation with incapable virtualization in place.
                      - I see no responsibility for their mistakes and bullying customers, developers, distributor seems not very professional

                      And last but not least, R2Games makes me feel that everything bad is the developers, not only in Wartune as I tried other R2 games. Unfortunately I have accounts on China clones (including 7road) and the support (even Baidu online translator is my best friend) is better than here. But for many of my game friends, poor translation, support and community work ... distract from anything Chinese developed, albeit it is R2 customized

                      So I vote R2Games Wartune clone is facing it death.


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                        i pick option #3: No, because "The end of wartune" already started a few patches ago. its not the final nail in the coffin, but also not the first one. but its certainly a bigger nail than usual.
                        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                          So what if wartune goes down the drain?
                          R2 host so many MMO games, and they still generate tons of revenue from other game sources.
                          So they don't give a ** about how players have been faithful to a particular game (esp. when it's a clone),
                          and not given up hopes on it, after each disappointment time and again with every new optimization patch.

                          The reality: game patches aren't even tested for player feedback on test servers before releasing it to the rest of the server population.
                          Reason? They are pressing and squeezing the cows dry of their milk before leaving them for dead. Constant recharge events alrdy foreshadow this.

                          The gd news is: game addicts can now be forced to break away from a childish and condescending game
                          with the greatest calamity that will still yet to befall Wartune (e.g. a major server merge clash that causes players to lose their accounts)


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                            One intressting note is that mods usually quick to come and try and explain and defend r2, however since the patch come out it's been very low of that. Maybe even the mods that are just volountering are starting to understand that r2 doesn't give a **** about players(all I've seen is some censoring, guess they don't write cause they know as well as we do that r2 stepped over the line this time)


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                              Originally posted by Arlad View Post
                              i pick option #3: No, because "The end of wartune" already started a few patches ago. its not the final nail in the coffin, but also not the first one. but its certainly a bigger nail than usual.
                              For me end started when they first nerfed the soul/rune/whip event loop, at that moment I've got that they design try-nerf-change-nerf-c-n-c-n-c-n ... way.
                              Second coffin nail was when they removed advanced sepulchre from free drops.
                              Third was 5.0 patch without test
                              Fourth was the promo - players first.

                              It seems that the period is more and more shorter.