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Unable to sell Star Tear Shards

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  • Unable to sell Star Tear Shards

    We say fix the game and yet we keep getting screwed over. Why undo the one thing that we actually like selling this useless shards. Please fix

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    cause they want u to spend gold for useless ******. gladly sold 2k of this s.hit before patch. 2 more patches like this and there will be 1 server left merged from all others with 1 stupid casher left that still thinks hes the one in wb and a alzheimer that forgot that he wanted to quit this **


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      Thank you for letting us know about this issue. I will get it reported and hopefully we will be able to get some kind of update soon. If we hear of anything we will try and let you know. I know this is frustrating, but I thank you for your patience while we try to get some answers.

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