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rare items

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  • rare items

    just did a spire nm .. for the rare items .. 50 min hell to make it 3/5 of the way
    guess what they are ..
    golden holy water .. bound balen .. belief some soul crystals teammate had (all just tooooo common items ) ..
    and some gold (well its rarer then before but still so common that city generats it) ..
    then they supposed to hold cores (not had 1 of them) ..

    compaired it to the normal afk 24 lvl spire that takes 5-10 min
    and the chest i got from that with 2 cores and a lot of core shard and green guild eggs (with became rare since they ruin fishing)

    thumbs up .. to the one that thought off the word rare

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    I agree, yesterday we managed to get till lv 17, it was very time consuming adventure thats for sure, about the items i got from nm version i have to say they sucked, so i still dont know what the new normal chests are bringing but i dont care i know i will go with it,
    today cause i can do it afk mode till lv 24 and it is done under 10 mins, so yeah r2games made another time consuming uselees dungeon.