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Suggestion for nerfs done

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    CA rewards are worthless to me. Most that junk is available elsewhere and more plentiful. Why even keep the 3 games as is for a day each? Just delete em since your weening us off. Look at how a few games are gone. Chance of Underground Palace is most likely EXTINCT. I got maybe 6 more advance talents till I hit the who needs exp anymore. Take the bounty scrolls and stuff em cuz you ain't making a bounty event at all for us to use em. This game going up in use balens and BB for everything since I started. At first seemed like 25% which is great. Now it seems like 90% is buy balens. Let's not mention the unruly sylph upgrades costing way too much for epics. I ain't paying you folks for epics unless you get your heads outta your a**es and think about how we gonna pay bills on top of our fun here. Your reaching into take their whole paycheck and not thinking reasonable. This game heading for a meltdown and the paid people just gonna make a new game and walk on over and repeat it all over. Seen this **** on some games. Please don't ruin this one too.