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  • spam inv

    hi,i logged into the game today and saw onscreen that a player named IIIIII was inviting me for mpd i declined so many times even accepted as some point but screen freeze immediately with only solution to refresh and find yourself to the same person spamming the invitations, dnt know if this happened to anyone else but it looks like its not a real person behind all these and now i cant do anything in game cz i keep receiving that spam inv even run cc cleaner and clear cache doesnt help

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    I know it's a pain in the <expletive> but there is a setting on the upper right that when you click on it, you can select "Refuse Invites" and confirm. It will stop them from spamming them invites, but also at the same time will stop people from inviting you when you tell them to that you have to go back into that setting and uncheck it.
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