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New Cloud Adventure

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    new cloud adv is just a stinky piece of sh.....t , and think most agree with that. before u had a 50/50 to finish and when lucky got maybe 1 or 2 extra rolls, now they took the ** mahyong clone from it (what is the only good part of new ca) wasnt even close to finish this. and after talking to some friends none of them did finish it. wasnt it enough to cheat with permanent "1" rolls in the old ca ? now we get this stupid version and beside the cheating with the rolls we get randomly kicked back.

    even with the fields amrked (wich kicks up / down ?) would still be a useless minigame. should have taken patch and take best minigames to be in their gamebox and just forget about the rest

    best for me juwel hunt, fishing, ca, underground palace (when they erase the useless "stuck" fields)

    total useless and complete **: hello kitty **** and dump mahjong clone

    what do they think ? we get too much rewards cause in 1/3 we pass ca ? only positive i can see is the new coin (but exchange is not worth it cause it takes too long to get what u want and rewards are in a random rotation, so u have to save and wait for akceptable rewards)


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      i stayed on at midnight to see what i got from a day of incomplete CA, & it showed 60 insignias & 200k gold. really? thanks to this perfect creation of the almighty god of cupcakes. now i can sleep more & skip that irky-looking game box.