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Wartune patch 5.2 ... They really do put players first!

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    [sacarsm] patch 5.1 is really a players-first patch!!! now we can go offline more often, sleep more, have more personal time, feel less attached to game & online social, get rid of internet addiction, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, SAVE ALL THE MONEY WASTED IN WARTUNE FOR BETTER THINGS!!! now we can play wartune for 5 minutes a day & nobody around us would complain about game taking away their friend, so we can keep playing this free game for another 10-20 years or so!!! isn't that the perfect solution? sounds like yes!!!


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      Yep, I beat my addiction! Yay me. Since these pieces of <expletive> patches that came out in the last few weeks, I've been dedicating more time into the forums as well as having an outside life (with two women who will add me to their FB list much later; had to choose which to make my next gf). No more gaming and slaving away as I had done before due to low returns and tons of lag that throws my team out (along with the finger pointing in saying that it's my 60 MBPs connection and not their end). My system is thanking me for not putting it through that torment as I don't play as much as before. This is also the same system I had when WT first came out and was able to use 4 characters with no problem.

      Thank you, R2 for breaking away my addiction from a game that isn't worth jack.
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