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getting back the lower level synthesis events?

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  • getting back the lower level synthesis events?

    much as anticipated, sylph divinity souls now start at lvl5, and next is eudaemon diamonds. has anyone thought about it, we can't get higher levels without getting the lower levels first? not to mention, recharge & spending gifts also give lower level gems than the minimum required for event. any ways. not going to participate (& not buying) unless i get gems (not synthesize them) just 1 level below the lowest rewards tier.

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    It's ridiculous the jumped 2 levels on these starting before we even would be getting an increase in the daily income of div souls. Someone seems to have dictated that all synth events start at level 5+ now, regardless of how reasonable it is. Clothes are the worst, div souls a close second. At least div souls will shift towards reasonable with the extras we get from sylph expedition.


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      Simply cuz they want players to cash in their wallet to fill in the missing gap...


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        Not gonna happen. It just means it's going to be another skipped event.
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          way to go R2 made everything harder it was easier when i was weaker to do tower of kings easy Why did u think it was for your greedy money grabbers


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            this game used to be fun now it is **** i think i will stop paying you all


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              are the moderarors on holiday or what


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                Originally posted by DAMAIN2 View Post
                are the moderarors on holiday or what
                I think the mods are in "Duck and run" mode, they don't dare show their heads.

                They understand that most people are infuriated with this latest example of their treatment of us


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                  R2 said they put players first, but also remember that optimize means nerf here. When they say things, just reverse it Also the reason they won't give us good events again


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                    i think the real problem is that R2Games and co. think they making us a favor by giving us hot events and ''free'' stuff

                    greedy bunch they been, are and always will be.

                    I fixed this problem by trying my best to be more greedy than them with my money : )


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                      think ther jump ro fast on high lvl in stlph and eudaemon duamds sinces we donr get them as fast we get ogems to or self who ther wait why long to get to the same lvl as the others.