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Mounts Type and how to Obtain them.

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  • Tychran
    started a topic Mounts Type and how to Obtain them.

    Mounts Type and how to Obtain them.

    Hello there i wanted to have a list of all mounts by saying on the side how u can obtain it. Would be good for everyone to know how they can get each of them. If somoene has the knowledge even a GM plz do post down here a list.

  • 御萧xXLJXx
    Ruby eye Steed +10 all attributes, Balan shop 1995
    Shadow Steed +10 all attibutes, Balan shop 1995
    Huricanne +30 all attributes: Guild shop level 10: cost 50 Million gold
    Darknite +40 all attributes: beat crypt lv. 100, cost 6000 Crypt Tokens
    Royal Steed +50 all attributes: Crusader honor rank, cost 10k insignia, Arena shop
    7 Days Therion Sand-Rider +100 all attributes: (so far only G.M.) After Round 4, the championship Guild War, the winning G.M. get it.(free)
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