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Sacred Golden Tree

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  • R218890822
    started a topic Sacred Golden Tree

    Sacred Golden Tree

    Nice to see the icon back but guess what? Since the brilliant developers NERFED cloud adventures where we at least had a chance at getting a free try or two... I have no inclination whatsoever to give them any balens for this junk.
    Pretty sure I have no inclination to spend any money on this game anymore since they have done such a wonderful job shafting the player first.

  • P-J-J
    This and similar adventures die as soon as cashers realize the low probability of getting something useful, but until it keeps appearing to milk them.

    If the rest will not get free wands from some event, we will ignore it as other cash games - I like especially the one with gem scrolls.
    BTW - 1 attempt is 65 ub (volume based free attempts), but we can get those rewards better from other events - recharge, epic spend, magic shop etc

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