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  • Comparision

    So as we go through patch there have been things that upset the players of the english wartune,but does anyone know if the chinese patches got better and better with the updates of their version?

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    There is big difference between 7road clone and the rest:

    - there are many bugs indeed (but not so big grow as we facing in 5.0, pre-5.1 (hide object) and now the 5.1)
    - but corrections appear faster and
    - apology packets looks more inline with game progress (no gold/daru/... face-palms)


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      Heard that it doesn't have nearly as much lag as well?


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        Originally posted by JkLoser87 View Post
        Heard that it doesn't have nearly as much lag as well?
        Does not:
        - I am connected through Chinese proxy to both accounts with 58ms response time - here 35ms response to my cluster proxy, but overall response here is worse
        - I do not see enormous JavaScript tracing which steal browser and kernel memory there, albeit some Flash errors are same (including the memory hogs when fighting in 4v4 arena)
        - They simplificated UI, less details (not as fancy, but faster) - maybe it come here soon as well
        - And even we have more active players per server there than here
        - 404/408 errors I saw once, after one buggy maintenance, but was corrected in 4h later

        But note, I am not Oceanic timezone, so maybe I do not meet some peaks, only shared server times like WB, arena etc