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class Ideas, (spies) ect

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  • class Ideas, (spies) ect

    Ok I am not sure on what kind of ideas are being looked for but here are a few of mine

    SPY/Thief system I noticed that it takes for ever to find people to attack in the wilds.... and while this also helps defend against unwanted attacks I think more people would use this feature if finding targets was quicker to do. Now I dont like the idea of dumbing down a feature so a system to develop or level up "Spies" could be used. You would send your spies out to find targets blah blah blah, if successful they come back with coordinates ..... mabey this takes some resources maybe not. A city building could be created like a thief's guild or something like that to level up and recruit spies. Perhaps you could also develop thieves as well and have a stealing option, if stealing from other players is not liked in general these missions could be against computer generated enemies, including story line foes ect.....

    Combined defense ability for the wildsI was also wondering if setting up your city in the wilds around other guild mates could give you extra defenses. Not sure if this is a great idea but it is interesting to think about. Maybe a Help defend neighbors option, that would lower your att power yet improve the defenses of others around you. So if 3 or 4 guild mates (or general players) in close proximity the defensive benefits would out way the att loss. Of course a straight defense bonus could be used as well.

    New basic classes
    Rogue/Thief = could have the steal or dual wield options, could also have a disarm traps ability for dungeons and the crypt
    Woodsmen/Ranger = could have the dual wield option, and could have a pet companion with skills tied to it, like linked attacks, shared stats, buffs ect.....

    Advanced classes
    I would love to see each basic class split (remorte) at a high level into sub classes just as one example take the mage he/she could split into summoner, necro, and or elementalist at a high level. This would also add some excitement and freshness to the higher levels if not extend the level cap of the game.....

    Or with the Rogue/Thief class above he/she could remorte into assassin, ninja, or ambush-er you get the idea....

    P. S. ANYTHING to make toons look different even if it is a LOOKS ONLY inventory slots... can be found or bought would be much enjoyed.....

    Thanks that is all I got for now
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    someones been playin final fanstasy :P lol

    i actually like the sounds of the spy idea...somtime i would spent and hour looking for even a mangey managog