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Tower of Kings and Hide Function

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  • Tower of Kings and Hide Function

    Really?? I mean c'mon ToK was fine the way it was and now NOBODY can complete easy!! And that hide function is the worse!!! I like to see what my opponent is coming at me with!!! Y'all really need to think about what you're doing because you're going to lose A LOT of money!!!
    Bama S29 Knight

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    same , i cant kill first stage tok easy normal and hard, with good strong party, only who have like 3mil br i see kill hard or normal mode, and in tok i got like 1 milion hp when i have 700k hp, i think tok got bug or somthing can someone check pls??


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      yes, pretty much our entire guild cannot complete easy level 1. My 4 man group can SOMETIMES complete hard but often cannot. Just depends on the sylphs on the other side. our combined BR is over 12 million and we can barely do normal on a regular bases?!?!?! Come on, this got nerfed in the last patch and needs to be brought back down to reality. when less than 10% of the players can participate it in then it is time to rethink it.