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Hey r2 fix the arena!!!

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    Originally posted by P-J-J View Post
    I killed with rune and afk all 8. That's the point.
    Nobody say rune is enough for all the 8 without afk.

    But typically rune kills toon and my eudemon kills his/hers eudemon. Or rune severely damaged the toon, who usually with RoF (or other AoE) kills/hurts the rest, then comes my afk and passive sylph attack.

    I do not want to be personal, but look at the mirror.
    Stop replying to my posts. Your stupidity is headache inducing.

    1 RoF = 1 round done
    1 rune = AFK for a few rounds

    If you can't see the difference, there is no hope that your analysis of ANYTHING here is of any use whatsoever.


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      The PvP aspect of the game is silly anyways. Between the 10 different stuns, mire, amnesia, chaos, etc half the battles I just stand there and don't even get a hit in. Its lame.


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        I am not sure if anyone mentioned this or if it is true but, there are rumours that the arena is like this deliberately. People think that it is a 'false bug' and is placed solely to make people level up.
        This only a rumour though.


        • #19
          I am so angry right now at how badly arena has been messed with. Before the patch I'd win 5-7 times with a few close losses, a fair amount; now I've lost all 15 times each day since the patch and they aren't even close. If the plan is to get me to spend money to upgrade my toon, this will not do it. Today I was paired against a person I know has a BR of +2.5 million (I have 1.1 million) so it was no contest and all my other matches were against 4 level 80 players. I've been playing almost since the start, and the last year has seen a huge decline in the game play. At this rate, the only players left will be the whales, but they will only have each other to fight. On a positive note, with all the "fixes" that have occurred, I am spending a lot les time playing each day and less money on the game


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            i am at 2.83m atm and only getting targets i can 1 shot i just unbelieveble...


            • #21
              How's this for matching? My boys and I are at 640-650k BR (total asset value of roughly 2.5M BR) courtesy of a sylph replacement onto the formation. We've just got through engaging targets that are 2.5M+ a piece on our merged cluster. That's like 10M+ combined. Holy <expletive>, Batman!
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