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sylph expedition problem

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  • sylph expedition problem

    I want to know if anyone is receiving "first clearance reward" from sylph expedition. I'm mainly interested in the divinity shards but I'm not receiving anything from the levels that are/were suppose to give them when first cleared.

  • #2
    If you look closely, first clearance rewards are now no different than normal clearance. The only places to get divinity shards in sylph expedition are the side bosses of bosses 3, 8, 13, 18, ...


    • #3
      I know this but even those levels aren't giving them out....Is anyone receiving the reward from the bosses who are suppose to drop divinity shards?


      • #4
        i did receive first clearance rewards, but only from the levels i didnt complete before patch 5.1

        i guess that makes sense


        • #5
          I just tried it ... I won and did not get a reward for either the next-to-3 and the next-to-8 ones.


          • #6
            then better not to do it first.. for others who might not to get the rewards too. Better wait for them to announce when to fix it.
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            • #7
              dream on they cant fix a button


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                The issue was reported. Right now they are sending the First Clearance reward manually via ticket. Please include a screenshot and the list of rewards you are owed for faster processing.
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                • #9
                  I preferred when blessing of god was present in first clearance rewards...
                  Now I see no point in clearing higher levels of sylph expedition, since
                  the rewards are only greater in quantity of sylph soul chest...