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    so now after playing all 3 games .,

    i conclude that maybe only 1 is worth the trouble .. being the fish game .. as the other 2 just dont drop anything in decent numbers .. even if its only crab to sell its not worth the time/gold

    congrats r2 for making sevral daily events into 1 day in week maybe .. and 2 days outside of game fun ..

    i just now go fish ..
    log off to go play bejeweld instead ..
    log off and open board games and play snakes and ladders ..

    way more satisfying
    Last edited by demoniced; 11-10-2015, 07:39 PM.

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    come on...i made a 7 gem move and got 1 soul crystal, how could someone possibly complain about that????


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      Jewel Hunt is a big damn Joke LMAO

      I got 1800 Points and a total of 46 Nickels !?!?!?!?!?

      46 Lvl 1 Gem pack
      2-5 Lvl 2 Gem Pack
      1-2 Lvl 3 Gem Pack

      And other useless stuff

      This is a Joke, right?
      Best Regards,


      Character Type: Mage
      Guild: Ragnarok
      Server: S213 - Felmarsh
      Platform: R2Games
      Client: Mini Client

      P.S Yes, I am a very angry customer as of now, since I have been treated like a dead ant in the woods by the DEVS D.S


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        smh…what the h*ll are wartune developers doing??


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          Going to try that come tomorrow as I won't stay up for reset tonight.
          Vicious! Approach with Caution!
          Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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            Its a sad joke, we went from daily, to four weekly (7) now 4 every 28 days. As for rewards loads of rubbish.

            I can't see how new players are going to be able to compete with older players, we had way more stuff and its just diminishing constantly.

            Worries me that they wanna drive away players so they can cut servers and just keep their whales.

            Bad business whales need the cannon fodder to lord over


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              Yea, wartune is nice to look, not to eat..
              Distasteful if you ask me, cuz the game appeals is never promising for player rewards..

              And oh yea, if you do jewel hunt, don't forget to have a full inventory,
              else these obsolete junk starts flooding your inventory...
              Last edited by Imonseph; 11-11-2015, 07:24 AM.


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                havnt you forgot something r2 always puts players first lmao


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                  I'm honestly shocked at how poor the jewel hunt rewards are. Easily the worst of the bunch, although cloud adventure is so much more miserable to play it still is the worst overall.

                  Fishing is mostly worth doing, and then checking in once a day to see if there's anything good to buy. At least jewels only takes a few minutes and is reasonably fun to play.