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5 Astral to Archers

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  • 5 Astral to Archers

    Hi guys, what astral do u advice to use in lvl 50?

    Im very undecided in 3 options:
    -HP, because archer have a passive skill that increase hp 20%
    -Damage reduction, i dont have sure, but i think it only reduce sometimes, and not all damage..
    -Base Crit Damage, this astral its a little weird, some guys say it didnt work, but im not sure of that

    Thanks for help

  • #2
    I just got level 50 yesterday , and my choice was Base Crit Damage astral


    • #3
      HP VS Damage reduction (for Archer)
      - Increase X HP = your HP + X * 20%
      - Damage reduction X% = your HP / (1 - X%)
      Just calculate and choose.


      • #4
        For Archers:

        Focus on Damage.

        Get all the astrals out there that increase damage use them all.

        The rest HP MDEF or swap PDEF
        Mesh With The Best, Die Like The Rest.
        Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

        Server: S62
        Class: Archer