Starting Guild on the next new server for west coast


The poll is expired.

hey there guys i have 2 roommates who are knowledgeable in wartune and can answer almost any question you might have. we will be starting a guild on S621 Shadow Valley West Coastwhen it comes out any and all people can join us if they wish.

Guild Name: Synergy

Guild Rules:
- guild chest will be distributed in rotation to all active members
- anyone offline for 30 days will be kicked unless we are told in advance
- guild beast and Divine Altar times will be decide by vote so it fits most/all of our members
- Tree of Ancients will be before Gb on GB days and after BG on non GB days
- any language is welcome but if possible keep it english in guild chat
- we would like our members to be helpful and kind to each other
- any arguments/issues should be brought to assistant guild master or guild masters attention
- anyone will be allowed in Guild Battle but if it is full top 50 BR will be prioritized
- do not spam in guild chat or invites if you need help someone will answer or if you want kicked all you have to do is ask/pm
- do not attack people in battlegrounds unless both sides are willing
- dont be hateful or cuss to other guild members
- opinion are always welcome
- we will be having a well planned guild battle whether it is an easy one or hard one
- upgrades for guild will be voted on by everyone in guild

if you would like to be apart of this guild join us on S621 Shadow Valley West Coast server