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Quitting Wartune

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  • Quitting Wartune

    Wartune new updates should make the game better or more fun, but most of the updates is a fail. Not having fun anymore. As soon as my VIP is expired, going to quit playing. Mainly, wartune mess up my favorite event and that is Cloud Adventure. Every weekend rolls around, i am looking forward for Cloud Adventure, now its been kicked to the curb. No fun at all.

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    the sad part is that its not just cloud adventure. They been doing that with more and more events every patch lately.

    Even though this may feel repetitive, it really looks like they are trying to kill the game. Im even starting to believe it now.

    Or maybe the manipulation of the players is not working anymore ? (pushing people to do this & that instead of letting them choose and enjoy the way they want to play, now the rules are dictated by the obscure devs)
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      Can't blame you, if this was the wartune i first encountered i'd NEVER START PLAYING !

      They've wrecked 90% of the game with their patch.

      The list of changed things is endless now.

      If u find a decent game not run by r2, knowing what they do to their games down the line, let me know


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        Same feeling here. I use to love this game. Now it is like a choir I do everyday. I've been hoping they will fix some of the mess they have made, but they just keep adding to the list of problems instead. Makes me wish I never found this game 3 years ago because it makes it so hard to quit after all this time. I use to cash little here and there but I quit that awhile back. Now thinking of dropping VIP also until next patch/fix they do. If they dont fix anything and add more problems again, I will be probably be quitting then.


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          When it comes to the slogan, "R2 Always Puts Players First", I can only translate that to them putting players to quit. Now, we can't voice our disgust (to the extent if we use foul language to deeply express our feedback) without our posts getting edited, locked, or the members getting temp bans. I don't know what goes in the minds of R2 when they came up with these series of patches, but they are doing us a disservice.

          I am not going to preach any more as I felt they are not going to listen (stupid mules), they are full of <expletive> in their slogan, and this game has done about gone in the toilet. Might as well just pull the plug because there is no hope.
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            Sad to see, but totally understandable. I enjoyed your vibe.


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              nice. R2 making the right choice. They force player to quit rather than close down the game.


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                Well, it is a fate of all f2p games.
                You see, f2p game is only interested in you at the beginning, when you are paying.
                For example, first 3 month you gonna spend like $50 for the basics. Like wings, vip, conenant, etc... After that, you not gonna spend much - maybe a vip only. So, you are not good for a project, 'cause you do not pay. It is obvious choice to scrw you in some way so you quit and someone green and fresh come with another $50. Whales are outta this, cause you can't really scrw a whale. Whales usually do not care for nerfs. They present a card and problem solved.


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                  Actually spending curve is:

                  1) 0 until decision
                  2) decision and then few days/weeks of big investments
                  3) slow investment reductions until saturation point
                  4) saturation point = renewal of important things

                  5.a) new feature cashing = go to 2)
                  5.b) reduction of spending (can reach 0) = lower saturation point = go to 5.a or 5.b

                  6) decision to leave (can be any time), but 1), 4) and 5.b) are the most obvious last steps

                  Note: If account is sold, it is like 6) followed by 1)

                  Good analytics can predict the phase and offer reasonable anti-churn offers, but it need cooperative support (who can resell the offer) a/o special designed personalised events, like "3 months without charging" renewal event, Loki chest for 60,000 recharge etc.